I have had pain and joint swelling for years and since I was young they never expected arthritis. After going to Dr. Greenawalt, he has helped me to manage my pain. He helps with the whole patient, mind, body and soul to get better. I have tried so many different and expensive remedies, but Greenawalt was the only one who has been able to help me get any relief and that is without pain medications. His staff is always willing to fit me into an appointment. I have also seen Dr. Paige who is equally nice and knowledgeable. I recommend Greenawalt Chiropractic if you tried everything and nothing works.

-Ramona F.

Ten years ago, I broke four small bones in my back. They healed perfectly, but my back hurt all the time. The orthopedist could not find anything wrong. I was very leery of going to a chiropractor, but in desperation I made an appointment with Dr. Greenawalt. He did a very thorough evaluation and determined the problem. I went to him three times and did not need to go any longer. I have not had any back pain since then. I recently developed a problem with persistent, annoying numbness and aching in my shoulder. After a series of questions, Dr. Dutt in Dr. Greenawalt’s office determined exactly what the condition is. He steered me to a website explaining the condition and things I could do to alleviate the discomfort. I have seen Dr. Greenawalt twice and expect to be back to normal very soon. Dr. Greenawalt runs a “state of the art” facility which cares about each and every patient.

-Lynn L.

8 years ago I suffered from a neck injury that had occurred 2 years prior. Over the 2 years time frame, I started experiencing pain in my neck. After 3 or 4 visits only, I was cured. What chiropractor actually cures your injuries? They normally just crack your neck and back every time you come in and tell you that you will have to have over 60 visits just to make the money. Dr. Greenawalt was amazing. He actually has the knowledge and the heart to want you to feel and get better. His technique is like no other chiropractor you have ever experienced. If you have any type of neck or back injuries, I highly recommend giving this “real” doctor a chance. You won’t regret it. And if he is not on your insurance, really who cares… pay the office visit out of your pocket, the little extra you’ll pay will be worth its weight in gold… and your well being for the years to come.

-Laurie W.