What is a laser?

A laser is a focused beam of light and is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. When a light is focused, all the photons, which make up the light, are traveling at the same wavelength called a beam or ray.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a focused beam of light that is pre-programmed at 635 nms to function at the exact same wavelength (635nms) of a healthy human cell in a healthy human being. So thus, a healthy human cell is vibrating at exactly the same wavelength of this pre-programmed red laser beam. Research has shown that damaged tissue, diseased tissue, or malfunctioning tissue functions at a wavelength below or above the normal health y cell wave length of 635 nms. This focused pre-programmed beam of light is placed on an area of damaged, diseased or malfunctioning bodily tissue to help stimulate that exact same tissue to start functioning at exactly the proper healthy frequency of 635 nms. When the cold laser is applied to the malfunctioning area, your cells are being told to start vibrating once again at 635 nms. Basically a kick start or jump to the cells battery to start working properly and heal. This will result in a decrease of pain, wound/injury healing, and chain of events to start the process of becoming healthy again.

How long does it take?

Treatment times can vary depending on the size of the treatment area, the degree of severity of the injury, length of time of the damage/pain, and the overall health of the individual being treated.

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